Las dos aqui, regresando de allá.

Irene Diaz and Carolyn Cardoza on Broadway, LA.

I had been playing the I Love You Madly EP on rotation for at least a month when I first bumped into Irene Diaz and Carolyn Cardoza at Eastside Luv. I fanned out and took a photo of them that day and have been taking photos of them since. 

Recently, they were in Mexico recording songs for a new album. This project is being Produced at BabyJesus Hood Studios with Demian and Alejandro Jimenez in Coyoacan, and is set to be released in 2018. Seems so far away.

When they came back to the states I invited them to meet me downtown so that we can catch up and snag some a few photos to document their return.

We talked about the cobble stone streets that they were beginning to get accustomed to and how now they miss that feeling under their feet. We talked food, coffee and donuts; three things they are not shy to be addicted to. 

And of course, immigration issues came up. Borders....., lines on the ground that can't stop music from traveling.