Rafael Cardenas,

Born in Jalicso, Mexico. Raised in East Los Angeles.

As a self-taught photographer that has been practicing since 2010, I aim not only to refine my technical skill, but to capture visceral moments of vulnerability in my work.  I capture portraits, landscapes, architecture that allows me to explore my relationship with the streets of my beloved Los Angeles.  My work in service to the East Los Angeles community has informed most of the body of my work, and I continue to find the most inspiration from local, cultural events that bring my community together. 

I grew up on the streets, and continue to explore my urban landscape, always searching for moments in time that I hope to make eternal through my intuitive photographic style. In a land of cars and freeways, traversing the city by bus, train, bike or car is in itself a study of cultures, people and nuances of our diverse neighborhoods; I attempt to capture moments that document often overlooked faces and scenes around the city through these explorations.

The presented image is most representative of the work I aim to create.  It sits on the edge of art and documentation, of photography and photojournalism, and that duality is a recurring theme, not just in the aesthetics of my work, but in the content and subject matter I choose to capture.  

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