Manuel Lopez lines up.


Manuel Lopez is an East LA native that studied painting at the Chicago Institute of Art. We met at a party in 2010 when I first started posting a photo a day on my old Eastsider website. He would always comment on my photos about how the images kept him connected to home. 

After graduating from college he returned to East LA and he has been painting, producing work and developing his approach and style. He's been included in a few group shows. We've become friends and have been part of a drawing group together. I always admired his ability to give personality to a line in his artwork. His scabrous lines tell stories that I relate to. 

One day in April, I asked him to allow me to follow him with a camera while he drew the hillsides that we both grew up surrounded by. I wanted to attempt making my first video essay. I then interviewed him in my home for the audio. 

Below is the video that we made. It's pretty long for the current norm on online attentions spans. I like to think of it as a conversation with Manuel. A 15 minute conversation wherein you are an active listener. Feel free to leave comments on the YouTube page.