Sandy Rodriguez in color. Studio visit.

From her website: 
"Her paintings capture moments of transformation in the social and cultural landscape of Los Angeles, with a focus on themes of the persistence of place, activism, and physical and cultural regeneration." (

After a long drive west, passed everything that I see daily, I park my car on a quiet nicely aligned street with lots of green grass and neatly painted homes. Sandy Rodriguez comes cruising down the street on her bike and waves at me. It was a hot LA day.

We walk into a backyard where her studio rests nicely next to a cool and inviting swimming pool. We talk about art and "la vida." 

Getting to know her and her process we spent a couple of hours drinking iced water while we shared stories. I asked her if I could take some photos before I left.

Heading back to my side of town I kept thinking about how I was inspired by the fire in her paintings. I decided that I wanted to post her photos in color. I added a little tint to these images because this is how i saw them in my head.