The vicissitudes of Ariana Joelle Kaufman Petrojvic

Wherein, I introduce you to the world of, Ariana.

I met her in the magical days of hanging out with Killsonic, not sure how far back that was. Maybe it was 2009.
When I first met her she was introduced as a Petrojvic.
When she hired me to do her headshots and she asked me to use the name Kaufman.
Her middle name is Joelle.

As I discovered all her names I also discovered all of her talents and her many faces.
I don't know what else to say because she defies a simple explanation.

I will say that I hope to continue to photograph her metamorphosis and growth.

Click on the links below and enjoy:

1. Short Film - 'Anita'

2. Music Video - Mystery Bau, 'Twisted'

3. Music Video - Mystery Bau, 'Bite It'

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