A Mulher Misteriosa, Eddika "Edule" Organista

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It's no secret that Eddika "Edule" Organista is a multi-talented artist.

She currently lends her vocals and instrumentality in El Haru Kuroi and has been in several musical projects over the years; Yaksi, Arkestra Clandestina, Zoom-B and Yanga.

She attended Pasadena City College, initially majoring in art but then changed it to music, focusing on jazz studies, guitar and voice. 

She then worked for LAUSD for 4 years teaching elementary school children world music performance through singing and percussion.

When she decided to go back to school she chose UCLA for an undergrad program and earned a degree in Ethnomusicology and a minor in Brazilian Portuguese. She studied in Brazil with the study abroad program, studied Afro-Cuban percussion under Francisco Aguabella and was also part of the Bulgarian Women's Choir under Tzvetanka Varimezova.

One more round of school allowed her to earn a Masters degree at USC in TESOL. She currently works at CSUN teaching international students academic English, while simultaneously being an active musician. 

She was a little shy in front of the camera at first but fell into a nice groove. She posed in a dress and skirt that she discovered while bargain hunting. 

After changing back into her street clothes she had a little more fun with the camera and we go the images you see below.

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