July Down - Foster Liberation

"Awaken yourself from that wicked slumber. Remove that haze that hinders your direction. Step freely in a forward motion." - Solovino Reyes

Belvedere Park with Sonia Romero

After a year of hard work, Sonia Romero and her crew finalized the tile and steel project that now adorns the new Belvedere Park swimming pool facility. A project filled with detailed work that started with an under water photo shoot in SCUBA has come to completion. Every color on every tile was silk screened and hand pulled. Every steel cutout was taken from a photo, hand cut and then recreated with digital drafting in a larger scale. Some of the photos that I took for this project were included in the display and now hang in the lobby. Come visit the center when you have time for a dip.

On Set Behind the Scenes and Still Photography

I seriously enjoy being on set with filmmakers. Those close to me know that I have a dream of making a movie myself one day. But that is a heavy task rewarded to only a few. So in the mean time I'm lucky to be on set for other jobs. Lately I've been on set doing BTS-Stills. Now that I have a few films under my belt I should create a page dedicated to that service. This month I shot BTS for two music videos produced by Riveting Entertainment. Here are a couple of pics from those sets.

Norman Doray @NormanDoray - DJ Arno @djarnocost - On set for "STRONG" - Video coming July 28.

Cal Scruby from Cincinnati. Video shoot for Gold Coins. See it here.

Mentoring Las Chicas de Las Fotos

Photo: Laura Gonzalez

Photo: Laura Gonzalez

Las Fotos Project is a cool little non-profit whose mission is to bring positive change for its participants through one-on-one mentoring and photography training.

I was invited to speak to the young women about my work as a street photographer.

In the hour and a half that we had, we talked for a bit and then we went out into the streets with cell phones in hand. Here are a few of the photos they captured. Click on the image to view the slide show.