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April 22, 2015

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Thirty-day Kickstarter campaign launched for documentary book project

Local photographer creating a love letter to East LA

Rafael Cardenas’ powerful black and white images document a changing Los Angeles


April 2015, Los Angeles, CA - Locally recognized, street-photographer Rafael Cardenas has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to crowdsource funding for MAS ACA: Further Here, a love letter to his beloved Los Angeles that is changing rapidly. His powerful black and white images document the often invisible faces and scenes mostly from the east side and downtown. This summer, with enough backers, these images will be made into a 100-page collector’s limited edition photography book.


“Art is a way to capture what is happening in present-day LA. I have spent the last several years taking pictures around the city every day. My dream is to compile the best of these into a meaningful photography book. By backing this Kickstarter, supporters are being a part of something important - backing stories, moments and memories that will live in these pages forever,” says Cardenas.


With Kickstarter, Cardenas is giving friends, fans and their networks an easy way to be a part of their own history including an opportunity at the highest pledge level to be included.


“The city is changing so quickly. There are structures and gathering places that I thought would always be part of Los Angeles and now they are gone forever.Now more than ever, I want to preserve that part of LA. Supporting Rafa's Kickstarter to share the images is a way of preserving the city we all love. At the speed of change today, Rafa is documenting the LA that probably won't be here 10 years from now,” explains Maria Cabildo, urban planner and co-founder, East LA Community Corporation.  


A self-taught photographer, Cardenas spent a full year posting a daily photo from mostly around the Boyle Heights area of East Los Angeles. This 365-day project evolved into growing his skills and body of work over several years. Recognized by local press and fellow artists, this talented photographer has had many solo and group shows in the area.


Kickstarter is a pre-purchase crowdfunding vehicle. Supporters can pre-order a limited edition signed hardcover for $200, a photoshoot to be included in the book for $2,000 or prints down to the $5 level.


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