A Mulher Misteriosa, Eddika "Edule" Organista

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It's no secret that Eddika "Edule" Organista is a multi-talented artist.

She currently lends her vocals and instrumentality in El Haru Kuroi and has been in several musical projects over the years; Yaksi, Arkestra Clandestina, Zoom-B and Yanga.

She attended Pasadena City College, initially majoring in art but then changed it to music, focusing on jazz studies, guitar and voice. 

She then worked for LAUSD for 4 years teaching elementary school children world music performance through singing and percussion.

When she decided to go back to school she chose UCLA for an undergrad program and earned a degree in Ethnomusicology and a minor in Brazilian Portuguese. She studied in Brazil with the study abroad program, studied Afro-Cuban percussion under Francisco Aguabella and was also part of the Bulgarian Women's Choir under Tzvetanka Varimezova.

One more round of school allowed her to earn a Masters degree at USC in TESOL. She currently works at CSUN teaching international students academic English, while simultaneously being an active musician. 

She was a little shy in front of the camera at first but fell into a nice groove. She posed in a dress and skirt that she discovered while bargain hunting. 

After changing back into her street clothes she had a little more fun with the camera and we go the images you see below.

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Iliana Carter, Character Studies

Iliana Carter is a stage and film actress working hard on her craft. We got together at my home studio to shoot a few character studies. There is nothing more rewarding than looking at a thinking person through the lens of the camera.

An actor will open up to help you see inside yourself.

"That's what our work can do: we remind people that things can change, that wounds can heal, that people can be forgiven, and that closed hearts can open again." --Larry Moss

She has the beautiful gift of vulnerability. Here are a few character portraits we came up with on the fly.

Visit Ilinana's IMDB page if you would like to learn more.

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Abel Alejandre, The Cross Hatcher

Hailing from Long Beach by way of Michoacan, Abel Alenjandre, is the cross hatching monster. He is a murderer of pencils.

Each of his drawings consume hundreds of blue Staedtlers. A feat that I imagine can only be accomplished by creating a calmness deep within. It takes thousands of tiny graphite scratches on a piece of paper to create this: innumerable hours hunched over an easel: knowing where to set the tip down and where to pick it up intuitively, again and again. 

“All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.” --Eckhart Tolle

Abel is responsible for the drawing of me that will be included in a series of panels for the Metro Westwood Station that will open later this year. See more panels by clicking here.

On my way to house-sit in Huntington Beach I stopped by his home studio for a quick portrait session.

He was in the process of a maiden run of his self-made printing press. See more of his work at www.AbelAlenjandre.com

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A Face In The Crowd, Barrio Boogie

A Face In The Crowd is one of my favorite film classics. If you get a chance to see it you will add it to your favorite list too, I'm sure.

When I arrived at Barrio Boogie last Sunday and saw the huge crowd by the stage, I immediately began to repeat that title in my head and I couldn't let it go, "A face in the crowd, a face in the crowd, a face in the crowd." I turned the camera on and started capturing. I'm really happy to share these pics. I hope that no one was offended by my camera all up in their face. But what a handsome bunch I captured in the very short time that I was there.

What a great event. I'm already looking forward to the next one.

Congrats to The Barrio Dandy, John Carlos De Luna and his team.

Felipe Esparza, A Sense of Place

If you've never been to Aliso Village in Boyle Heights, you never will. It’s gone. Google it. You can read about it and find old pictures of it, sure. But only a person that grew up there will ever know what it was like. I had family that grew up there. We’d visit often. So even though I never lived there, I still experienced it, and can recall a sense of the place. Comedian Felipe Esparza grew up there and when I see his stand up comedy I get flashbacks of being there.


“Sense of place…is a combination of characteristics that makes a place special and unique. Sense of place involves the human experience in a landscape, the local knowledge and folklore. Sense of place also grows from identifying oneself in relation to a particular piece of land on the surface of planet Earth.” --The Art of Geography


A few weeks back Felipe came to my home studio for a photo shoot. We also went under the 6th Street bridge and Hollenbeck Park. Since we are only a few years apart we shared a lot of the same cultural happenings of the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. We spent a few hours reminiscing about each other's street traumas but definitely feeling that separation between those days and now.

Felipe Esparza is now a nationally recognized celebrity selling out houses all over the country and touring overseas. His particular brand of delivery couldn’t come from anywhere else but his own life experience. He is a genuine one-of-a-kind.

This is the first set of photos from what I hope becomes a lifelong series of photographing comedians. Click on the images to see them full size.

Double Bday

Last weekend I shot a birthday party in East Los Angeles. Here are a few select images from that day.

Do you remember..¸¸.•*¨*•♫... September...

I hope you're all staying hydrated and are applying the proper level of SPF. Here is a short list of recent activity in my work life. I really appreciate all of you that follow along. Muchisimas Gracias.

~ rafa

Festival goers flying their flag at the Made in America concert held on the steps of city hall and Grand Park.

Shooting for Marketplace


I've been approached to shoot for Marketplace.org, a public radio show that airs across the country. They're doing a series of stories in Highland Park. The series will span two months of reporting and will include my photography. I'll be on assignment throughout the process.

Meet me at Chico's for cafe de holla!

Music Makers

I had the privilege of having Irene Diaz and Carolyn Cardoza in my studio for a session. We listened to Lana Del Rey and slowly got into a good groove for shooting. These photos are still in the cooker being edited. You should see more photos from this series as they release them on their site and social media. Visit IreneDiaz.com.

This inspired an internal conversation about shooting more musicians all of 2015 to compile a book.

All of these photos were shot using natural light and an aluminum reflector. Only a few had a home depot light rig that I put an umbrella on. I'm really looking forward to releasing these.

Making Waves

Giovanni Douresseau at Dockweiler Beach

The California Community Foundation was looking for someone to capture this young man for their annual report. I was up to the task of getting wet a little and might have damaged a lens while doing my best to avoid sea spray.

The CCF funds The Youth Mentoring Connection. The YMC has a surf program that brings inner city kids to the beach and teaches them to ride the waves. I saw it as a metaphor for learning to stand up strong no matter what direction life may carry you in.

Giovanni Douresseau, above, is the focus of a short documentary that will be released soon. He loved surfing from the first day he tried it. Because of this program he decided to lose a substantial amount of weight to make surfing his life. He now competes and continues with the YMC, now as a mentor -- all while working on his college degree.

Express Yourself

LA Commons continues to put on very cool workshops for people to express themselves. I'm always glad to be called to document these events for them. Take a look at the work they do by visiting their website at www.lacommons.org.

New Flame Video Shoot Stills

Chris Brown just released his album "X." A month back I got to shoot behind the scenes and stills. This shoot was out in the desert around Palmdale. This was pretty cool because I was also able to shoot Usher, Rick Ross and Tyga. Here's a couple pics. The label owns these photos so I can't share the rest. You can see the video here. http://youtu.be/fhdP5Irrl1I

July Down - Foster Liberation

"Awaken yourself from that wicked slumber. Remove that haze that hinders your direction. Step freely in a forward motion." - Solovino Reyes

Belvedere Park with Sonia Romero

After a year of hard work, Sonia Romero and her crew finalized the tile and steel project that now adorns the new Belvedere Park swimming pool facility. A project filled with detailed work that started with an under water photo shoot in SCUBA has come to completion. Every color on every tile was silk screened and hand pulled. Every steel cutout was taken from a photo, hand cut and then recreated with digital drafting in a larger scale. Some of the photos that I took for this project were included in the display and now hang in the lobby. Come visit the center when you have time for a dip.

On Set Behind the Scenes and Still Photography

I seriously enjoy being on set with filmmakers. Those close to me know that I have a dream of making a movie myself one day. But that is a heavy task rewarded to only a few. So in the mean time I'm lucky to be on set for other jobs. Lately I've been on set doing BTS-Stills. Now that I have a few films under my belt I should create a page dedicated to that service. This month I shot BTS for two music videos produced by Riveting Entertainment. Here are a couple of pics from those sets.

Norman Doray @NormanDoray - DJ Arno @djarnocost - On set for "STRONG" - Video coming July 28.

Cal Scruby from Cincinnati. Video shoot for Gold Coins. See it here.

Mentoring Las Chicas de Las Fotos

Photo: Laura Gonzalez

Photo: Laura Gonzalez

Las Fotos Project is a cool little non-profit whose mission is to bring positive change for its participants through one-on-one mentoring and photography training.

I was invited to speak to the young women about my work as a street photographer.

In the hour and a half that we had, we talked for a bit and then we went out into the streets with cell phones in hand. Here are a few of the photos they captured. Click on the image to view the slide show.

Avenue 50

Thank you, everyone that came out to Avenue 50 and signed up for my newsletter. Glad to have you on my email list.

I've been asked to continue showing them there through next months NELA art walk. So If you'd like to come by again I'll be there. Tell your friends. Saturday July 12th.

Thank you to Sonia Romero for hosting me.



May Daze

Gee-Zuz!! This past month felt like a motion blur. I don't remember where it started but we are here at the end of it approaching mid year. Man made dates and times to help us all be on the same page. But of course we can't all tic to the same toc. Find your own rhythm. Ya' don't stop!


These cool kids are from an event I was hired to shoot at MacArthur Park. Read more about it in the LA Time article.

New Roads EsCool

Photo: Dawn Fairchild

Photo: Dawn Fairchild

I recently added Public Speaker to the list of things I've done while on earth. I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak to a group of young photographers and storytellers at a private school in Santa Monica called, New Roads. A gorgeous little school with great energy that puts art first and encourages diversity.

Since this was my first time doing this espeaking thing, I kinda just went with the flow. Gladly, the kids didn't fall asleep on me and they did engage in questions and answers.

The teachers helped me in connecting with the storytellers in the class. Reminding me how much a photo can tell a story.

That same day I got back to my office and had an email from another organization to present to their youth group. The universe knew that I enjoyed presenting.

Things to do: Develop a proper presentation.

Kickstarter? For me?

Everyone keeps telling me to do a Kickstarter. I've been putting it off for over a year. But the time has come and I will start fine tuning my idea for one. I hope that you will all help me spread the word when I get to it.


Canon 5D Mark ii, Holga Toy, Mamiya 645

By: Rafael Cardenas
(This article was previously published in Brooklyn and Boyle.)

Everywhere I go with a camera in my hand someone always starts with a question like, “Is that a Canon?” and then it goes onto a list of questions about what they should do to be a photographer. So, here, I will try to answer a few questions and nudge you into photography with these words. I’m going to assume that you already have a camera. After reading this if you don’t start taking pictures I don’t know what else I can do to help you.

Ain’t nobody fresher than my mo’ fn’ CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!

Point the camera in the desired direction and press the button. CLICK! That’s it. You don’t even have to look through the viewfinder if you don’t want to. I’ve gotten some interesting photos by holding the camera above my head or at my waist. But you have to click that button. That’s how it all starts. You have to take a lot of pictures. 

Then get to your computer and start editing. Editing can be cathartic. Rid yourself of any photos that suck. The delete button is your friend. Keep only the good ones and clean them up a little. I use Lightroom to edit. But you can use Photoshop, Aperture or even the software that came with your computer like iPhoto.

If all you want to do is have fun with photos. Then do just that, have fun. But take a lot of pictures. It’s that simple.

Want to get artistic?

Find a favorite photographer. Mine is, Sebastião Salgado. His images tell an intense story every time. I try to do the same when doing my street photography. Find yours and ask yourself why you like him or her. Try to incorporate a feeling of yourself in your work. Most of my images have a tinge of melancholy.

Learn your cameras functions.

I’m not a professionally trained photographer. I taught myself most of everything I know by doing research before every shoot and watching videos on YouTube on my free time. I promised myself that I would learn my camera and I have. I still have tons to learn.

If you are not self motivated there are plenty of schools that will teach you how to use your camera and lighting equipment for a price. You can take a course at a community college or find a vocational school near you. I sometimes call my friends that have studied for advice. So make sure you make good photo friends too.

Learn to run a business.

Am I a “Professional Photographer?” I don’t know. I don’t care. Photography is not a profession like others where you have to have a degree or a license. Anyone can pick up a camera and call themself a professional. Thanks to digital photography it is now very easy to get into the trade. All you need is equipment and a small knowledge of how to use it.

What’s really important is to learn how to run a business. If you want photography to be your meal ticket you have to take the proper steps to run a profitable business. 

You can get help with that from many organizations. You can try the Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce or walk into the Business Source Center. (1852 E. 1st St, Los Angeles, 90033. Their number is 323-264-9020) These organizations have free information and workshops to help you get started on a legit business path.

Your road is different than mine.

I’m sure I didn’t answer all of your questions but it’s a start. Once you get your feet moving and taking pictures all the answers will come to you one at a time. 

We all have different lives and each human will come across different obstacles. When you have a question, Google that mo’ fo’ like crazy till you find an answer that makes sense to you.

Have fun. Make money. CLICK!


Rafael will be hosting an Event Photography Workshop in June.
Visit me at: Facebook.com/eastlos for more info.