Here Comes the Year Again


Here comes 2019! I just want to take a little time to look back.

2018 had so many memorable moments. This year definitely established my work as a photographer in a permanent way. A little bit of personal history was made. After years of producing my own shows and being in plenty of group shows I had my first solo museum show.


I am still mind blown to be able to say that my first solo show was at the Vincent price art museum at East Los Angeles College. A corner of the world where I had lots of creative moments studying theater arts in the 90’s. I was very lucky to be back at that same corner to exhibit Backyard Tableaux. Working with Pilar F. Tompkins and the staff to set up a show with only nine pieces was a perfect learning experience to lead me to the next show.

Can you believe I had two solo museum shows in one year? The second one is currently running at La Plaza De Cultura y Artes is titled, Landscapes and Land Dwellers. Seriously, there is no way to explain that show in this paragraph. With over 60 images framed and in digital media it is an enormous accomplishment. Working with Erin Curtis, Mariah Schevchuk, and Janine Vigus, we pushed this show out of our collective brains. This show is more that just my images, it was their efforts to convey themes that make this show complete. Please come out to see it. It runs through March 25, 2019.

Working with curators was an interesting lesson in how other people see my work. It was difficult at first to delegate control over my life’s work. But in the end it was cathartic to let go and let other peoples visions frame how my work is shared.

Also, currently running now is a group show at Self Help Graphics and Art called Infinite Light. I have five pieces in it that are originally from a 2017 series titled From the Holocene. I love these! Please come see.


I had some nice things said about me this year including a six page spread in the internationally distributed Digital Photo Pro magazine ( click here to read ). I had a nice review of my VPAM show in Artillery ( click here to read ). I also had a video in the new network for Spectrum News ( click here to see ). Thanks to all of ya!


Podcasts were fun as hell. The YoYoYo takes the prize for most memorable. Here are the links:
The YoYoYo Podcast -

Orale Boyle Heights -

Persistence of Sound -

LACMA (wuuut)

One of the highlights among all this was that moment that I go the letter from LACMA’s photography department asking me if I’d like to be in their permanent collection. I literally jumped out of my seat that day. Thanks go out to Eve Schillo, Assistant Curator for putting my name in the basket. This was also made possible because of my exhibit at VPAM where I first met Eve and had my favorite “photography talk” in a public stage.

What a year!

Not to mention my print from 2011 from Self Help Graphics that also made it into the LACMA collection! I now have five pieces in the permanent collection.


Enough patting myself on the back. What I didn’t do this year was create any new work. This has been the least productive year as far as adding to my personal archive. It was, yes, a busy year. But now it’s time to go back in the “studio” (the streets to me).


I have so many plans for creating new works in 2019—I can’t wait to get started! It’s way too much to include in this post so please look out for future posts.

Oh yeah, of course, working on myself is always on the agenda. A constant.

Now where are my grapes? Let’s count this down!!!