May Daze

Gee-Zuz!! This past month felt like a motion blur. I don't remember where it started but we are here at the end of it approaching mid year. Man made dates and times to help us all be on the same page. But of course we can't all tic to the same toc. Find your own rhythm. Ya' don't stop!


These cool kids are from an event I was hired to shoot at MacArthur Park. Read more about it in the LA Time article.

New Roads EsCool

Photo: Dawn Fairchild

Photo: Dawn Fairchild

I recently added Public Speaker to the list of things I've done while on earth. I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak to a group of young photographers and storytellers at a private school in Santa Monica called, New Roads. A gorgeous little school with great energy that puts art first and encourages diversity.

Since this was my first time doing this espeaking thing, I kinda just went with the flow. Gladly, the kids didn't fall asleep on me and they did engage in questions and answers.

The teachers helped me in connecting with the storytellers in the class. Reminding me how much a photo can tell a story.

That same day I got back to my office and had an email from another organization to present to their youth group. The universe knew that I enjoyed presenting.

Things to do: Develop a proper presentation.

Kickstarter? For me?

Everyone keeps telling me to do a Kickstarter. I've been putting it off for over a year. But the time has come and I will start fine tuning my idea for one. I hope that you will all help me spread the word when I get to it.